2022.04.20 ‘A Sort of Yellowy Brown’

I hope you are enjoying the spring weather.  I am going to tell you what I have been doing recently.  For the […]


2021.01.25 The Future of Education Post COVID 19?

Happy New Year Everyone! I have been working with online learning for over 15 years now.  Did you know that Ka […]


2019.05.20 Can you visualize this?

At the moment, I am currently writing a paper about the use of infographs in the English language classroom. D […]


2018.04.09 My shoe collection

One of my hobbies is to collect shoes. My father told me when I was young that it is important to have good sh […]


2016.12.09 ‘Individualized Learning’

Do you have any English classes where you decide what you want to be tested on and when you want to be tested? […]


2015.07.02 My ‘Learning by Doing’ Seminar

In my seminars in the Dept. of Communication my focus is on helping students feel confident about communicatin […]