2018.04.09 - コミュニケーション学科  My shoe collection

One of my hobbies is to collect shoes.

My father told me when I was young that it is important to have good shoes.

Collecting shoes and in particular ‘sneakers’ has become very popular and is ‘big business.

’ One of my seminar students also collects sneakers and recently when he needed some money he sold them.

Here is video that talks about people who collect shoes. The man in the video has 3000 pairs!

Did you know that in America they call running shoes ‘sneakers’ but in England they are called ‘trainers.’

In Canada where I am from they are called ‘runners.’

At the university during the day I often change shoes numerous times.

Changing shoes helps me stay fresh so I can teach better.

Here are two recent pairs of shoes I bought.

Do you notice that they are ‘slip on.’

Why? Because in Japan you often have to take your shoes off when entering places.

I hate tying laces!

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