2015.07.02 - コミュニケーション学科  My ‘Learning by Doing’ Seminar

In my seminars in the Dept. of Communication my focus is on helping students feel confident about communicating with English. As a specialist in language education and having learned two languages I know that a big step forward is learning not to feel embarrassed about using a new language and making mistakes with it. In my seminars we learn English by using it ? learning by doing. I also focus on developing the necessary conversation strategies that are needed to interact in English – students really enjoy this part of my course! I additionally teach practical business English, and special techniques for passing TOEIC. Finally, in my seminars we study ‘intercultural communication’ which involves learning how to interact with people from other countries. We talk about different intercultural communication issues like learning about what kind of communication styles people have. Do you know what your communication style is?

Photo Moser

Jason Moser(コミュニケーション学科)