コミュニケーション学科Jason Moser

職 名 准教授
専門分野 English Education
最終学歴 Birmingham University, UK. PhD
学部担当科目 English Presentation, English Expressions
長期研究テーマ Language Education
My research focuses on how to improve language learning and teaching. I recently completed two research papers related to using language portfolios and the CEFR.
短期研究テーマ Designing Intercultural learning material
As a new member in the department I am working on language material that helps our students learn English as they develop their intercultural competency.
主要業績 I have had the opportunity collaborate with a number of well-known academics in the field. This included being part of an awared winning book project.
ゼミの内容 In my seminar classes we study pracitical business English that prepares students for work in companies and other organizations. In each seminar we also study TOEIC with empahasis on learning important techniques for passing the test. Finally, we also engage in tasks that help us understand intercultural communication. For example learning what communication styles different cultures prefer and how to recognize them.
In our department we are developing new English curriculum that in addition to helping students develop practical English ability also helps them develop critical literacy skills and intercultural competency.
It seems that two important skills for being successful in our globalizing world are communication ability and computer literacy. Our curruiculum is designed to help students develop those skills. For students who lack confidence or ability in English please come and see our new English curriculum, and how it can help you become confident to use English.